What is it?

The National Home Building Registration Council (NHBRC) maintains a register of verified building professionals, which you can query through their online database search.

Key Points

  • Over 90,000 builder records
  • Shows the status of their NHBRC registration
  • Filter by province and registration status
  • Data available in HTML tables

Why is it Important?

If you are thinking of building a new home, office or any kind of space that requires construction, you will need the expertise of a competent person, and you can use the NHBRC database to verify that your builder is registered with the NHBRC. This is typically a requirement for government construction contracts. The tool helps to protect government and consumers from being exposed to contractors who deliver inadequate workmanship and poor quality material.

How can it be accessed and used?

You can search according to builder NHRBC registration number, name, status or province; and you can use these elements to filter your search if you are not looking for a specific person, but rather options of companies or individuals to find.

Note that you are not able to access contact information for builders, so the main use case for the tool is to verify NHBRC registration for builders that are being considered for a contract. As a citizen you can also check if construction contracts for schools, clinics or houses were awarded to registered contractors.

Verify Builder

Location: South Africa
Format: HTML
Year: 2018Last Checked:None
Online: Access URL
File Names:
  • Builder Name: Name of the individual or company
  • Province: Any South African province
  • Status: Expired, Current, New Application
  • business
  • licensing
  • property
  • company
  • housing

Resource contact name:National Home Builders Registration Council

Creation or start date:2018-12-14

Resource contact updated at:2018-12-14

Spatial coverage  South Africa http://www.geonames.org/953987/south-africa.html

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