All Media and Products Survey (AMPS) and MAPS

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What is it?

Marketing Research Foundation (MRF), previously the South African Audience Research Foundation (SAARF), publishes aggregate data from surveys of South African consumers about their purchasing behaviour and use of mass media.

Key Points

  • Survey of consumers based on interviews and questionnaires
  • Ownership of motor vehicles, durable items, small appliances
  • Also covers use of mass media, financial services, retail stores
  • AMPS is to be replaced by MAPS

Why is it Important?

MRF's main objectives are to commission consumer behaviour research that provides data for targeting and segmentation, as well as multi-product/brand usage and multi-media information for use by advertisers, product and marketing managers. The primary audience has been the private sector but AMPS data is also used by civil society and public sector organisations to supplement data from other social surveys.

How can it be accessed and used?

Under SAARF, AMPS (magazine and newspaper readership, cinema and out-of-home media) data was released twice a year, RAMS (community and commercial radio listening) six times a year and TAMS (television viewing) on a daily basis. Whilst aggregate data has traditionally been published on the SAARF website, the complete SAARF database was made available to software suppliers who service the industry.

MRF, which replaces SAARF, has indicated that AMPS will be replaced by a new survey called MAPS. The latest (and last?), AMPS report was released for 2016 on the SAARF website.

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