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Theme: Governance Date Added: 2018-12-14

What is it?

Open Gazettes South Africa is the biggest freely available collection of Government Gazette in the country and makes the original PDFs documents easy to search and browse online.

Key Points

  • 34000+ gazettes from 1958 to 2018
  • National and provincial gazettes
  • Filter on collection, person/ company, publication date
  • Setup alerts for new gazettes based on search results

Why is it Important?

Government gazettes are a critical record of government decisions that should be available to everyone, but these documents are often difficult to access or need to be paid for. Through their #GazetteLiberation campaign, Open Gazettes makes PDF versions of gazettes easy to search, find, track and download.

How can it be accessed and used?

Users can browse national and provincial gazette collections or search on specific topics from the site home page.

Once you have located interesting content you can download the relevant PDF version of the Gazette for viewing offline. You can also sign in to create an alert when new gazettes are published related to the persons or companies involved, and you can download the metadata for all documents matching your search criteria.

South Africa Government Gazette vol 636 no 41726 dated 21 June 2018

Location: South Africa
Format: PDF
Year: 2018Last Checked:None
Online: Access URL
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  • Source URL: Where the original document was retrieved from e.g.
  • Date: Date gazette was published e.g. 2018-06-21
  • legislation
  • law
  • parliament

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Creation or start date:2018-12-14

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Spatial coverage  South Africa

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