Municipal Barometer

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What is it?

The Municipal Barometer is a web-based portal for sharing local level data on municipalities. It provides access to municipal data for both specialist and non-specialist audiences.

Key Points

  • Data for 220+ municipalities
  • Demographics, economy, access to services, finances, human resources and management
  • Compare and rank performance of municipalities

Why is it Important?

Municipalities are expected to make informed and resolute decisions in order to deliver on their mandates. However, efficient and effective decision making has been hindered by the difficulty of accessing readily available and reliable local level data. This is why the Municipal Barometer was created to collect, re-package and disseminate local level data for municipalities.

How can it be accessed and used?

The Municipal Barometer portal provides access to data defined and sourced through local data partnerships with municipalities, which includes building capacity in municipalities to access and use data for planning and governance. For government and non-governmental users there are three broad options for viewing and downloading data.

The Data Bank allows you to customise filters to select data for a specific municipality related to one or more indicators on Demographic Trends, Municipal Finances, Access to Basic Services, Access to Social Services, Economic Growth and Development.

The Benchmarking tool supports comparisons or ranking of municipalities based on performance areas (e.g. municipal finances) or specific indicators (e.g. creditors payment period). The Geo Benchmarking provides a more visual comparison of performance.

Finally, you can generate municipal performance benchmarking reports in PDF for provinces, districts and local municipalities.

Municipal Finances - Metropolitan Municipalities

Location: South Africa
Format: XLSX
Year: 2015Last Checked:None
Online: Access URL
File Names:
  • Year: Year of data collection
  • Goverment area: Province, district, metropolitan or local municipality
  • Indicators: Performance area (e.g. Municipal Finances: Personnel cost as % of total, Interest cost as % of total)
  • finance
  • spending
  • energy
  • water
  • municipality
  • performance
  • service delivery
  • monitoring
  • social services
  • sanitation

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Where else has the resource been used?

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