Vulekamali Online Budget Data Portal

Theme: Governance Date Added: 2018-12-13

What is it?

Vulekamali contains national and provincial budget data and budget process information from National Treasury (NT) and related data contributed by third parties.

Key Points

  • Budgets for over 130 national and provincial departments
  • Data from 2015/16 - 2018/19 financial years
  • Available in CSV and XLSX formats
  • Data and process guides, helper videos in 5 languages

Why is it Important?

Being able to hold government accountable for the money it spends on things directly related to the public is an essential part of transparency, transformation and positive change. Vulekamali is a big step forward in making the national and provincial budgeting process more accessible to all South Africans, as it provides access to information and allows people to offer suggestions and give advice to government.

How can it be accessed and used?

All content can be accessed via the Vulekamali home page.

Helper videos

If you are new to budget data, have a look at the video series created with the aim of helping guide you through your experience of using the portal. They provide a brief guideline about the project itself; explain why the budget is important to everyone, how the portal can help you and a little bit about the budget process.

Budget data and analysis

After opening the department budgets page you can select a financial year (2015/16-2018/19) or department in which to conduct your research. You can also search by sphere of government, topic (e.g. education, social grants or poverty alleviation) or department.

Data and associated charts are arranged according to the relevant stage of the budget (and implementation or review) process. You can also use the portal to guide your participation in the budget process by seeing what National Treasury, departments and Parliament are busy with each month and discover opportunities for public participation.

Contributed data

Organisations outside of government are also able to contribute data to Vulekmali. You can view existing contributions or login and submit your own data or analysis.

Data store and API

Advanced data users can work directly with the CKAN data store and API.

Estimates of National Expenditure - Department of Basic Education

Location: South Africa
Year: 2018-2019Last Checked:None
Online: Access URL
File Names:
  • MTEF allocation: Spending category (e.g. Teachers)
  • Transfers and subsidies: Transfers to provinces, municipalities and agencies
  • Payments for capital assets: Buildings, machinery, software

Estimates of National Revenue

Location: South Africa
Format: PDF XLSX
Year: 2018-2019Last Checked:None
Online: Access URL
File Names:
  • Main budget revenue: Revenue from tax, sale of capital assets
  • Financing: Domestic and foreign loans
  • Main budget expenditure: Equitable share, debt-service costs, current payments
  • finance
  • spending
  • budget
  • province
  • parliament

Resource contact name:Chief Director: Budget Planning, National Treasury

Creation or start date:2018-12-13

Resource contact updated at:2018-12-14

Spatial coverage  South Africa

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