Water Quality Data Exploration Tool

Theme: Environment Date Added: 2018-12-10

What is it?

This resource provides various layers of data related to water quality monitoring on South African drainage regions and associated rivers, including river lines.

Key Points

  • Various KMZ/ KML files for download
  • Primary to quarternary drainage regions
  • Nine water management areas
  • All rivers of South Africa

Why is it Important?

These datasets allow a user to map the different drainage regions, water management areas and associated rivers across South Africa. This enables detailed planning of water management and use.

How can it be accessed and used?

Spatial datasets covering water management areas, drainage regions and rivers can be downloaded directly from the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) "Water quality data exploration tool" page. This covers rivers in South Africa across primary, secondary, tertiary and quarternary drainage regions. As they note, this is a snapshot of the DWS database and may lag behind the live database by several months.

For most of these datasets similar data can be sourced from the hydrographical data layers in the NGI topographical datasets via SASDI (such as for the Northern Cape), the WRC Water Resources of South Africa study project site or from this DWS page.

If necessary KML files can converted to another spatial data format using an online converter such as Geoconverter and upload to an online mapping tool like Kepler. You can also use an open source tool such as QGIS.

Rivers of South Africa by drainage region

Location: South Africa
Format: KML
Year: 2012Last Checked:None
Online: Access URL
File Names:
  • Drainage region: Drainage region river falls under
  • Name: Name of river
  • location
  • water
  • monitoring

Resource contact name:Michael Silberbauer

Creation or start date:2018-12-10

Resource contact updated at:2018-12-14

Spatial coverage  South Africa http://www.geonames.org/953987/south-africa.html

Where else has the resource been used?

Year Project Name::
2013 An assessment of the impact of different land use activities on water quality in the upper Olifants River catchment