Land Claims Court Judgments

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What is it?

List of judgements by the Land Claims Court in South Africa. These judgments concern land claims cases referred by the CRLR office or directly from claimants or affected land owners.

Key Points

  • Over 600 judgments between 1996 and 2018
  • Date of judgment, judge, applicant and respondents
  • Detailed information on merits and order
  • Each judgment published as a scanned PDF file

Why is it Important?

Most land claims are handled by the Commission on Restitution of Land Rights (CRLR). However, in land claims where there is a dispute, the Land Claims Court may get involved and issue a judgment. This is important for resolving land claims cases and ensuring land reform progresses efficiently, even in disputed cases.

How can it be accessed and used?

Each Land Claims Court judgment is published as a single scanned PDF which can be downloaded directly from the list of judgments published for each year. There is no search functionality so the only way to find judgments is to browse the names of applicants and respondents, judgment date and case number for that year.

Land Claims Court Judgements 1996-2018 (headers)

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