Laws of South Africa - Consolidated Legislation

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What is it?

Laws of South Africa provides consolidated, in-force national legislation and regulations, as well as historical versions of these documents.

Key Points

  • Current and historical versions of all national legislation
  • Over 1500 current documents
  • Over 2500 historical documents
  • From Agriculture and Forestry to Wills and Succession

Why is it Important?

When amendments to Acts or regulations are published by parliament they usually only tell you what parts of the legislation changed. So it is often quite difficult to work out what the current or 'in-force' legislation actually is, without incorporating all the amendments yourself. Laws of South Africa incorporates all the amendments for you and publishes the latest version of the consolidated Act or regulation.

How can it be accessed and used?

There are two options for locating consolidated legislation on the Laws of South Africa website:

  1. Click on "Current Legislation" and browse the directory of legislation by category. On this page you will only see the current or latest version of legislation with all amendments incorporated.
  2. Click on the "Historical Versions and Search" and search for legislation. There is some advice for searching here. Through this search you can find historical versions of consolidated legislation.

Act 51 of 1977 CRIMINAL PROCEDURE ACT_2017.08.02 - to date

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