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What is it?

Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) publishes statistics on household travel patterns, passenger and freight transportation, transport prices and employment in transport activities.

Key Points

  • 2013 National Household Travel Survey
  • Monthly land transport survey
  • Monthly motor trade sales
  • Monthly CPI on fuel and transport

Why is it Important?

Transport statistics provide information on how people and industry are using different forms of transport. This is critical for planning by government and the private sector, such as where to situate factories and what upgrades are needed to rail, road or port infrastructure. It is also used by citizens when trying to make decisions about where to work and live.

How can it be accessed and used?

National Household Travel Survey (NHTS) 2013

Stats SA collaborated with the Department of Transport to conduct the 2013 NHTS. The previous National Household Travel Survey was conducted in 2003. In 2013, over 50 000 households were surveyed to collect information on travel patterns and transport challenges. The data has/ can be analysed at provincial, municipal and Transport Analysis Zone (TAZ) levels.

Stats SA analysis of the data is published in a pdf report P0320 together with a technical report which describes the data collection process. The summary tables in the publication are useful for higher level comparisons between provinces in South Africa and for identifying national travel trends.

Datafirst hosts micro-data for the NHTS, which includes the full dataset in CSV format (as well as SAV, SAS, DTA) along with meta-data descriptions. The micro-data is useful for more local travel pattern analysis by exploring attitudes and patterns within and between TAZs - for which there are more than 300 across South Africa. To access the microdata you will need to register an account with Datafirst and agree to the terms of use.

This travel to study place extract is a portion of the NHTS dataset focusing on time spent and travel mode places of study around South Africa.

Transport and storage industry report 2013

Stats SA conducted a large-scale census of private and public enterprises operating in the transport and storage industry. The report 71-02-01 contains aggregate information on income by service and type of freight, expenditure, gender ratios, employment, market concentration, geographical distribution by province and use of ICT.

Monthly land transport survey

Stats SA conducts a monthly survey of enterprises involved in land transportation, including providers of passenger and freight transportation, by rail and road. The survey collects information on freight transportation income by type of commodity and passenger transportation income. The monthly report P7162 can be downloaded as a pdf.

Monthly motor trade sales

Stats SA conducts a monthly survey covering enterprises in the motor trade industry, from motor vehicle dealers to spares and accessories suppliers, panel beaters and spray painters. The sales statistics cover total values for new/ used vehicles and income from related services and supplies, as well as relative contributions. The monthly report P.6343.2 can be downloaded as a pdf

nhts-2013-person-v1-20140718 (National Household Travel Survey 2013 - Person)

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  • Q4END_TIMEA: Time arriving at work
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