Chief Surveyor Cadastral Spatial Data Viewer

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What is it?

The Chief Surveyor General (CSG) viewer shows the boundaries of all parcels of land in South Africa, along with administrative boundaries, servitudes, leases and mineral rights.

Key Points

  • Farm, holding and erven boundaries
  • For 7 million+ land parcels
  • Includes leases, servitudes and mineral rights
  • Map and table views of data

Why is it Important?

Cadastral information includes unique identifiers and boundaries for all land parcels in South Africa. It is therefore a key component of spatial planning and land redistribution by government entities, and for all ownership and legal processes related to land and property.

How can it be accessed and used?

Accessing Cadastral Data through Map and Table Views

The CSG Cadastral Spatial Data Viewer is accessed by clicking through from the landing page to the map-based view. There are two key actions to access relevant data:

  1. In the viewer sidebar you can select 'Operational Layers' from the side bar including administrative boundaries and land parcel boundaries, from parent farm to erven, servitudes and mineral rights. You will only be able to select and view the Erven boundaries layer when you have zoomed into a specific town or suburb at a low enough level.
  2. On the selected layer (e.g. Farm Portion) you can click and select 'View in Attribute Table'. This will pop up the table viewer with data records for the visible map area. There is no export option so it will need to be manually copied or retrieved by script.

Most cadastral or deeds data includes a Land Parcel Identifier (LPI) column. This 21 digit key provides information on the specific land parcel's region, district, township/ allotment area, farm/ erf/ holding number and portion as explained on the CSG site. Note several disclaimers about the accuracy of 'Cadastral Data on the Web' from the CSG.

Viewer Records and SG Diagrams

Each record from the viewer contains information related to a parcel of land, which is an extract from that land parcel's surveyor general (SG) diagram, in most cases as a subdivisional diagram. There are other types of diagrams; such as servitude diagrams for registering servitudes over an existing property, lease diagrams for registering long leases over portions of properties, and mineral diagrams to register mineral rights separately from the land rights. These diagrams are registered with the deeds office or Department of Mineral Resources in the case of mineral rights.

CSG cadastral data is a useful base layer that can be linked to other land and property-related data sets such as:

  • Land cover and land use: can be sourced as a layer in the NGI Topographical Vector datasets via SASDI (such as for the Northern Cape) via SANBI BGIS or DEA E-GIS
  • Municipal valuation rolls: retrieved from municipality websites
  • Deeds information: accessed via DeedsWeb
  • State Land Audit: accessed via this portal
  • Operating mines: available on the DMR website

Cadastral Data - Vryburg Erven

Location: Vryburg
Year: 2018Last Checked:None
Online: Access URL
File Names:
  • 21 Digit Code or LPI: Land Parcel Identifier
  • Sub Place Name: Suburb or township within the municipality
  • Geometry Area: Parcel area in square meters

Cadastral Data - Rustenburg Mineral Rights

Location: Rustenburg
Format: CSV
Year: 2018Last Checked:None
Online: Access URL
File Names:
  • Geometry Identifier: Unique land parcel identifier
  • Geometry Area: Parcel area in square meters
  • SG Number: Mineral rights registration number
  • land
  • rural
  • urban
  • location
  • property
  • planning

Resource contact name:Chief Surveyor General

Creation or start date:2018-11-19

Resource contact updated at:2018-12-14

Spatial coverage  South Africa

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