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What is it?

Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) publishes reports on population changes across South Africa. Data is collected through the Census, vital statistics reporting and regular surveys.

Key Points

  • Age, race, births and deaths
  • Location and migration
  • Education, employment and access to services
  • Census 2011, vital statistics reporting and regular surveys

Why is it Important?

Demographic statistics are important for understanding who lives in the country including their age, where they live, where they were born and cause of death; as well as their level of education, access to employment and basic services. This enables better planning of services by national and subnational government. It also helps residents understand their country and community, and empowers them to participate more actively in improving other people’s lives.

How can it be accessed and used?


Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) conducts a population census approximately once per decade. Aggregate data and findings from the most recent Census 2011 are published in a series of reports or 'products'.

Data tables can be created using the interactive Stats SA Nesstar site, SuperWEB or through Wazimap. Microdata is available through Datafirst zaf-statssa-census-2011-v2.

Community, Household and Demographic Surveys

Community, household and other ad-hoc surveys are also conducted more regularly. Three surveys of particular interest include:

  • A large-scale Community Survey was last conducted in 2016. Aggregate data and findings from the Community Survey are published in a series of reports. Microdata is available through Datafirst zaf-statssa-cs-2016-v1.
  • Living Conditions Survey in 2014/2015 P0310 provides statistics on income sources for households as well as the proportion of expenditure on specific goods and services, from healthcare and education to housing, utilities, clothing, telecommunications and food.
  • South Africa Demographic and Health Survey 2016 Report 03-00-09.
  • Annual General Household Survey (GHS) P0318 collects demographic information as well as key data related to access to services.

Vital Statistics and Population Estimates

The Census and Community Survey are supported by other regular publications on vital statistics and population estimates which are reported every year:

  • Recorded live births reported annually P0305.
  • Marriages and divorces reported annually P0307.
  • Mortaility and causes of death reported annually P0309.3.
  • Mid-year population estimates reported annually P0302.

sa-census-2011-household-v1.1-20140618 (Census 2011 household)

Location: South Africa
Year: 2011Last Checked:None
Online: Access URL
File Names:
  • H02_MAINDWELLING: Type of main dwelling - main
  • DERH_HHAGE: Age of head of the household
  • DERH_INCOME_CLASS Annual household income

P0309 Causes of Death - Limpopo

Location: Limpopo
Format: CSV
Year: 20151Last Checked:None
Online: Access URL
File Names:
  • CauseA: Immediate cause of death
  • Smoker: Smoking status of deceased
  • MinorOccupationGrp: Occupation/ job of the deceased
  • statistics
  • location
  • research
  • employment
  • population
  • youth
  • birth
  • death
  • migration

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