Renewable Energy Data and Information Service (REDIS)

Theme: Economy Date Added: 2018-11-19

What is it?

REDIS publishes data on renewable energy projects around South Africa, with regular updates on production and operating capacity and load factors.

Key Points

  • Location and contracted capacity of projects
  • Photovoltaic capacity by technology
  • Monthly production and operating capacity
  • Links to renewable energy resource sites

Why is it Important?

Renewable energy projects are being contracted to supply electricity to the national grid. By seeing what supply capacity is available from renewable energy sources and where these are located, government and citizens can better understand the role that renewable energy can and does play in the energy mix of the country.

How can it be accessed and used?

The Department of Energy hosts the Renewable Energy Data and Information Service (REDIS) website which publishes data, mainly through public Tableau dashboards, from which you can easily download a PNG, CSV or PDF snapshot. The CSV file also contains GPS location information for easy visualisation on your own map. Note that the CSV file values are actually tab separated if you are going to be importing or analysing. Data available covers period from 2012 to 2018 and includes:

  • Location and contracted capacity of various renewable energy supply projects, from concentrated and PV solar to onshore wind and biogas, hydro and landfill gas.
  • Photovoltaic capacity by technology
  • Monthly production and operating capacity in MW-peak and GWh
  • Annual load factors and hourly distribution, by type of technology
  • Links to additional energy resource projects and sites including for geo-thermal and wave energy

Project_InfoMap_data (Location and contracted capacities)

Location: South Africa
Format: CSV
Year: 2018Last Checked:13-07-2018
Online: Access URL
File Names:
  • Project Name: Name of renewable energy supply project
  • Capacity: Capacity in MW-peak
  • Location: GPS location
  • energy
  • environment

Resource contact name:Department of Energy - Energy Data Collection Analysis And Management

Creation or start date:2018-11-19

Resource contact updated at:2018-12-14

Spatial coverage  South Africa

Where else has the resource been used?

Year Project Name::
2018 An assessment of new coal plants in South Africa’s electricity future
2017 New data shows benefits of renewable energy
2017 Monitoring renewable energy performance of power plants